Saturday, June 12, 2010

::World Cup Prayer - Day 1 (USA)::

Today is the beginning of the journey and I am excited to dive in and see how God will use this little adventure to glorify His name and challenge me along the way. Is anyone else out there going to be joining me?

I will be utilizing resources from World Soccer Journeys and the Joshua Project as I post prayers and thoughts about each of the countries in the World Cup. Check out both of these sites and you stand in awe at what God is already doing around the world.

The first country up is...drum roll...

The United States of America
Where else do we start except our own backyard?
Do we pray for our neighbors? Do we pray for our families?
What about the widows or the orphans in your city?

...a little background...
Fifty-one percent of Americans are Protestant and 26 percent are Catholic or other Christian. The largest population of Jews outside Israel lives in the US.
Buddhist Americans and Muslim Americans are almost equal in number.
In this land of religious freedom and religious diversity, pray that followers of Jesus Christ will share His love so effectively that their fellow Americans of all faiths will be drawn to Him.

...a few ideas for prayers...
Pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection would take root in the hearts of Americans.
Pray for the President, Congress, and other government leaders
Pray for Christians in our country; that they would not be lulled by comfort and live passionately for Jesus Christ alone.

What did I miss?
What are you praying for to happen in the United States?

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